The story of 9MM Energy Drink

The 9MM Energy Drink company story is an adventure

The drink 9MM energy drink was created in 2009. In 2012, 9MM won the gold medal at the World Packaging Design Awards in New York in front of 75 brands represented such as Red Bull, Monster…

Today 9MM is ready to conquer the world! Its concept makes 9MM a very special drink that catches the eye and leaves no one indifferent. Our drink is not only original, but its taste is also very appreciated.

9MM is more than a drink, it’s a way of life, an experience to live.

Never give up and prepare yourself to live your dream!

Join the #RYT Movement with 9MM and set your goal : reach your target!

What is your story ?

You also have a unique story that is worth it!

It doesn’t matter who your are, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, we all go through the same trials… 

Watch the 9MM movie and join the movement ! #RYT 

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