The « REACH YOUR TARGET » lifestyle


“Reach Your Target » ! What incredible words. So simple to say, but sometimes, so heavy to carry.

Reaching your target isn’t always a concept only for « super-humans » or olympic gold medal athletes. Everyone everyday needs to reach their targets and they are very often very personal. Maybe your target is to get up every day and manage your day through work, maybe it’s raising your child as a sole parent or maybe it’s loosing enough weight to get back in your favourite dress or costume. Every target is worth it if it helps you getting through life and being a better person. Every target is good enough, may it be related to sport, work, faith, family or any other challenge in life.

At 9MM, we dream of creating a culture of winners, people that overcome their weaknesses everyday and reach higher targets. We also dream of seing people that can be considered underdogs reaching targets that no one would think they can’t achieve. Our objectif is to be more than a beverage brand, and follow you in your life challenging goals with testimonies, challenging videos/photos, hints and tips and obviously our unique 9MM Energy Drink.
This is why we have decide to create the brand : REACH YOUR TARGET
REACH YOUR TARGET is the code name for the 9MM way of life, it’s our culture. RYT is what the 9MM Energy Drink community will gather around. It’s what we all have in common.
We want to encourage you all to join the community and live the 9MM lifestyle by reaching your day to day targets. Maybe you’r the kind of person that has short term and long term goals, we believe you can achieve them as everything is possible for one who believes.
You will find on our different social media accounts ; daily encouragement, testimonies and advice on the 9MM way of life. We encourage you to share and comment so that your experience may also benefit the community. You can also with #RYT, post on your social media daily targets that you would like to achieve or that you have already achieved. This will help you to reach them as you will be backed up by the worldwide 9MM community.
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