Win or Learn


In the “Reach your target” culture, failure does not exist ! You either win or you learn.

For some people this can be hard to hear. But this is the 9MM way of life and it’s for you.
Life is tough, and sometimes you aren’t able to reach your targets. When this happens, you have two options, two ways of getting over this. The first is to consider your mistake as a failure. Which is being tough on yourself and it often comes with sadness, anxiety, stress and sometimes depression. That’s how today’s society wants you to feel that you aren’t good enough and that you should give up. Okay, so enough on that way of seeing missed targets ! now let’s talk about the other way of thinking : Learning !

So yes, you didn’t reach your target, you didn’t get to where you wanted to get… now sit back, take a break have a 9MM energy drink (chilled) and ask yourself, “what did i miss?”, “how did this happen?”, “how can i get better?” … ask yourself all these questions because failure is failure only if you say it’s failure ! So call it “learning” and learn. Learn how to win and reach your targets. Learn on your mistakes and become an achiever.
Trust us, as soon as you stop considering your mistakes as failure but as a way of leaning, your life changes and you become a winner ! That how you switch from losing to winning : by learning.

This is the 9MM lifestyle, replacing failure by learning so that next time you don’t make the same mistakes. It’s not only true in sports or business, but it’s true in every aspect of life. In your family, with your children, at school, with your friends, on holiday, at work, cooking…

Stop failing and start learning.